For the classic look and greater working space, Farmhouse sinks have gotten quite a lot of popularity lately. According to Thewindupspace website, a farmhouse sink is designed while keeping the modern chef in mind. They’re massive and you can easily wash dozens of dishes at a time.

Since they’re so big, there are some steps you can follow to minimize wasting your cleaning detergents as well as properly do the dishwashing. In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 ideas you can follow to make your dishwashing easy on the sink.

5 steps to wash and rinse dishes in a farmhouse sink

farmhouse sink

Step 1 – Remove food particles

The first step before getting your dishes to the sink is to clean or scrape off the excess food parts. You can do it by hand or by flowing tap water. By doing this, you’re saving much water in the long run.

Step 2 – Stack your dishes by size

Depending on the size of your dishes, do the sorting. Put heavier plates on the bottom and smaller, lighter on the top. This ensures the plates do not get more pressure than they can handle and break afterwards.

Step 3 – Set a dry area to put the plates afterward

After cleaning the dishes, put them to a clean dry place to let them dry off. The water will rinse off easily. You can put a towel under the plates to keep the place dry or you can dry them up on the sink top. The water will drop down to the basin.

Step 4 – Use a detergent mixed water

If your plates are greasy then adding some detergent, soap or any cleaning agent into the water will help you clean the fats from the dishes easily. First allow the dishes to soak in the soapy water for some time and rub them with a cloth afterwards.

Step 5 – Cleaning and wiping the sink

Clean the sink well with running tap water and then dry with a mop. You should not miss the drying part, otherwise the leftover water can cause ugly water marks on the sink.


Q – Do you have to rinse dishes after washing?

Ans – Yes. You have kept all the dishes together in the same sink and if you don’t clean them well, there might be bacteria explosion on the dishes. You must rinse the dishes clean with water.

Q – Is it better to rinse your dishes in hot or cold water?

Ans – If you use a cleaning agent then both are fine. Hot water kills bacteria easily but cold water can do the same with a good soak in dish cleaner.

Q – Is it cheaper to wash dishes by hand or use a dishwasher?

Ans – It depends. If you have to clean a lot of dishes every time you do it and it fills the dishwasher then probably a dishwasher might be an option for you.

Q – What’s the major problem with white farmhouse sinks?

Ans – Mainly stains. They stain a little more than any other colors available. You should always use mild cleaners and don’t scratch the surface ever.


Cleaning dishes on a farmhouse sink is a very easy task. But knowing some of the dos and don’ts mentioned here will enable you to save dish cleaner and water by following some simple strategy.