Welcome to Art101brooklyn, a pet blog aiming to help pet owners take good care of their loving pets.

My name is Anika and I started this website because I wanted to help pets and their humans on their journey.

Hopefully, Animallama will take part in educating and informing pet owners of the best ways to care for their pets.

Other Art101brooklyn writers

Lindsay Pereira – writing about guinea pigs & rabbits

Lindsay Pereira is a pet-lov’in Montréal-based freelance writer who’s a “mommy” to Maya, a sweet-tempered senior Labrador/Rottweiler with a bark that scares the neighbors, Muffy, a grumpy guinea pig with a serious attitude problem, the recently departed Miss Lilly, who is happily nibbling hay in guinea pig heaven, and an indeterminate amount of freshwater fish.

Alison Blyth – writing about rats & mice

Alison Blyth is currently owned by 11 rats, collectively known as the Horde. She has been keeping rats since 2000 and specializes in rehoming rescue animals with medical or behavioral problems.