Bringing a guinea pig home is exciting and stressful in equal measures. There is much that needs to be in place before your furry family member arrives at home. Apart from the cage, your pet also requires a range of supplies and accessories.

So why is it essential to invest in accessories for guinea pigs? The answer is simple. As a pet parent, you have a duty to ensure not only your cavy’s safety and well-being but also its happiness and comfort.

Your investment will help bring out and develop the tons of personalities and positive characteristics of your guinea pig. Here is a detailed list of all the accessories you need.

Water Bottles

If you want to keep your cavy’s drinking water fresh, you cannot use open crocks. Guinea pigs are playful creatures, and there is an almost 90% chance of them knocking over open bowls of water. Bottles specially designed for cavies help to provide a more reliable source of drinking water.

A water bowl is likely to be filled with droppings and bedding materials within a few hours. You can find a ton of guinea pig bottles on sale. The best ones hold at least 10 ounces of water and have floating toys inside to keep you in the know when the water level is decreasing.


Guinea pig foods are not cheap. Unfortunately, these cute balls of fur are notorious for knocking over things, including food dishes. This can easily leave piles of hay and pellets all over the cage.

Investing in feeders plays a significant role in keeping the guinea pig food more sanitary. It also assists in preventing food wastage and keeping the cage tidy.

When choosing a feeder for your cavy, make sure it is made of a material that can hold up to reasonable amounts of tear and wear. Remember that guinea pigs love chewing things. The best products also come with a hook that allows you to lock them onto the side of the cage.

Litter Pans

Containing the mess of a guinea pig is not as challenging as many may assume. Usually, they tend to leave their droppings around the corners of the cage. Investing in a litter pan helps to keep the mess contained and prevents it from getting scattered around.

For you to save on bedding costs, choose a litter pan that has a lock-on feature. This ensures that your cavy cannot tip the container over or push it around. Just lock the pan securely onto the sides of the cage.

Hide Away

Guinea pigs love to hide. When they do so, they feel protected and somewhat invisible. Moreover, a hideaway can provide the perfect place to nap or relax when your furry friend is tired.

Sometimes, even cavies yearn for privacy. I guess this is just one of their many exciting personalities. For those that love seeing their pets even as they hide, consider buying hideaways made of translucent plastics.

I prefer plastic hideaways over hideaway huts because they are more durable, easier to clean, and do not absorb odors.

Toys and Chews

One of the surest ways to enrich your piggy’s world is to buy it a host of toys and chews. Chewing things helps to keep the pet’s teeth from overgrowing. It also assists in killing boredom. Invest in a range of chews and toys and rotate them frequently to keep them fun and fresh.

Of course, you can purchase all kinds of chewable toys suitable for guinea pigs. However, do not forget to purchase chewable balls. They make fun chews because the cavy can roll them around the cage.

This means that one toy will keep them physically active for hours and at the same time, satisfy their urge to chew.


Having a carrier is a must, even if you work with a mobile vet. There are those moments when it may be crucial to place your cavy in a safe place.

It could be that you want to clean the cage, or you want to go to an outdoor location and set up the playpen. A suitable carrier will be easy to clean and will have proper ventilation.

Another useful feature to look for in the right carrier is storage pockets where you can stash treats or toys for your pet. Also, make sure the product you choose is reasonably spacious and allows you to access your furry friend easily.


I took the time to build a customized cage for my two long-haired guinea pigs. Even though their little haven is as close to perfection as any cage can be, I find it best to allow them hours of playtime outdoors under close supervision.

Whether you play with your cavy indoors or outdoors, you need a playpen. Guinea pigs can escape if allowed to wander around the house. Most playpens are made of several panels that can be jointed to create a play area of at least eight square feet.

When choosing a playpen, ensure that the panels are firm on the ground when installed. This will ensure your playful guinea pig does not knock them down and escape. The best products also come with absorbent pads to protect your floors from urine stains.

Cage Comforts

Let’s talk about an accessory that can really spruce up the appearance of a guinea pig cage and give it a personalized feel. Fleece flippers come in a range of colors, sizes, and patterns.

The cost of the product you choose may depend highly on its size. Fleece liners are not just gorgeous, but also washable. I find them more economical than other forms of guinea pig bedding. Getting a good cage is also necessary.

Ramps and Ramp Covers

Ramps are wonderful accessories that help to brighten up the lives of guinea pigs. Your caged pet will feel as free as a bird as it climbs up the ramps to travel from one level of the cage to another.

Most ramps do not come with ramp covers, and you need to purchase them separately. These covers provide better traction to ensure your guinea pig does not slide and possibly get injured as it explores different levels of its cage.

Final Words

Accessories help to bring fun, convenience, and comfort to the lives of our cute, chubby-cheeked furry friends. They make pet care easier and bring infinite joy to the lives of caged guinea pigs.

Some accessories are not cheap, although I must insist that they are worth it. For me, nothing warms my heart more than seeing my cavies running, hiding, and exploring their environment. Each unique personality they portray as they goof around gives me priceless entertainment and brightens up my moods.